29th Apr 2021

Outline Planning Application Submitted

An outline planning application on land off Barkway Road has been submitted to the Local Planning Authority. The planning application has been given the reference number: 21/00765/OP and the application documents and plans can be viewed on the North Hertfordshire District Council’s Website.

The description of development is:

Outline Planning Application for Residential development of up to 280 dwellings (including affordable housing) with all matters reserved except for access which is to be taken from Barkway Road, green infrastructure including public open space, landscape boundaries and SUDs.’

The application has been positively received by the Council and discussions have already commenced between Claremont Planning and the appointed Case Officer.

A number of consultation comments have been received from members of the public and statutory consultees and these have been reviewed. Various consultees have responded  positively, confirming that the proposed development is acceptable subject to conditions that would be attached to the planning permission.

This includes:

  • Affordable Housing – requests 40% affordable with a suggested tenure split and mix of dwelling types and sizes which will be delivered as part of the development.
  • Environment Agency – no issues raised and identifies that the site does not present a high polluting potential.
  • Environmental Health & Protection – in respect of air quality, noise & contaminated land  confirming there is no objection subject to appropriate conditions including to provide electric vehicle charging points, restricting construction hours, and additional information in respect of contamination risks.
  • Fire & Rescue Service – requests a condition requiring the installation of fire hydrants which will be delivered as part of the development.
  • Minerals & Waste – requests assurance that requirements for waste prevention and reduction are met through planning conditions, with the details of waste storage and collection to be considered further at detailed design stage.   
  • Rights of Way – request for improvements to existing routes and the provision of safe crossings over proposed vehicular routes which will be delivered as part of planned enhancements to these routes.

In respect of the following matters, consultees have requested further information and/or points of clarification which will be provided as soon as possible:

  • Drainage & Flood Risk – request for further information to be provided to demonstrate that the site can deliver appropriate sustainable drainage systems
  • Landscape & Urban Design – request for LVIA methodology and further viewpoints
  • Wildlife Trust – request for a Biodiversity Impact Assessment calculation.  

The applicant is keen to work with the Council to address all queries arising from the development proposals and ensure that the application positively responds to all statutory requirements.