The Site

The site extends to approximately 18 hectares/ 45 acres and provides an excellent opportunity to deliver high quality open market and affordable homes. The site is located outside the Green Belt and is in a highly sustainable location and can easily integrate into the existing urban form of Royston. There are well established public footpath links through the site that provide opportunities to access facilities and services of Royston including schools and community uses.

The site is currently undeveloped agricultural land and is adjacent to the southern extent of the built-up area of Royston. It is bound by residential properties to the north, Barkway Road to the east, Flint Hall farm to the south and grassland to the west. There is a tree belt that runs north to south through the central section of the site and it benefits from well-established boundary treatment that offers a good level of natural screening.

The Vision

Landhold Capital are committed to delivering environmentally sustainable developments. The development proposals for this non-Green Belt site will be landscape-led and there are opportunities to enhance and protect the existing trees and hedgerows around the boundaries as well as delivering green corridors through the central area of the site.

North Hertfordshire District Council are currently facing significant challenges in relation to housing delivery. There is an opportunity for this site to contribute towards the housing need for the area. The site is not constrained by any statutory designations that restrict the site’s potential for housing development.

Vehicle Access into the site will be provided from the B1039 Barkway Road and no vehicle access would be provided from adjacent residential roads such as Wortham Road and Beldam Avenue. Future pedestrian and cycle connections only would link through to existing residential areas.

Initial design work has been undertaken to formulate a vision for the site. This has established that the site has a capacity to provide in the region of 300 dwellings which could be delivered alongside substantial areas of public open space. The areas of public open space could accommodate a range of features such as sports pitches, allotments, or areas of wildflower planting. The site is capable of accommodating a range of types of housing including smaller units for first time buyers, family houses and specialist accommodation for older people as well as a substantial proportion of affordable housing.

Sustainability is central to the design of the proposals that will aim to support North Hertfordshire District Council’s efforts towards reducing new development’s impact on the environment through sustainable design and construction techniques. There are well established public rights of way through the site that will be enhanced to support walking and cycling links from the site to the town centre, providing alternatives to the private car. Vehicular access will be provided from Barkway Road and will be designed to ensure the provision of a safe highway environment that accords with the Highway Authority’s design standards.

Benefits Of Proposals

The provision of up to 300 homes of varying sizes and types including 40% affordable housing provision

A high-quality landscape-led proposal that will benefit existing and future residents

Publicly accessible open space provision covering approximately 50% of the total site area

The provision of improved pedestrian and cycle links utilising the public footpaths within the site

Sustainable drainage solutions to manage surface water run-off such as attenuation basins

A high-quality environment that will incorporate Bio-Diversity Net Gain improvements along with the use of sustainable design and construction techniques

Latest News

29th Apr 2021

Outline Planning Application Submitted

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7th Feb 2021

Updated Information for Public Consultation

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